• Саша Томић, M.Sc. Slobomir P University, Slobomir, Bijeljina
  • Васо Арсеновић, M.Sc. Slobomir P University, Slobomir, Bijeljina


Internet, marketing, strategy, e-business


Business of companies in a dynamic, turbulent and uncertain business environment are unthinkable without the acceptance of marketing as the business concepts. Accelerated development of information and communication, and Internet technology affect marketing in that increases the efficiency of marketing functions and transform marketing strategy through the creation of new business model that creates new value for the customer and increase the profitability of companies.

The main focus of business in the „New Economy“ and „Digital Economy“ is moving from the material sphere of the sphere of services, where information becomes a basic business resource. Development of information and technology has led to the implementation of the concept of e-business and business intelligence that influenced the change of marketing strategy. Marketing strategy in modern business conditions based on the management of relationships with customers and managing customer lifetime value, and the ability of companies to mass customization your bid and establish long-term relationships with customers has become applicable due to progress in the development of information and communication technology, and Internet technology and information systems that are based on them.


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