• Ранко Лончаревић Vanredni profesor na Ekonomskom fakultetu u Banjoj Luci


communication, feedback, managers, workers


Making the feedback of communication is a phase of communicational process, which has special role and importance in communication between managers and workers. Therefore, because the feedback of communication, like finale phase of the process of communication, gives their achieves opportunity for successful changing of information's (messages which we have understanding).

Because all mention above, in the "won" we are putting an analytic attention to all dimensions for feedback of the communication. Particularly attention is give to her phases or sequences (selection of information, coding, transfer, receiving and decoding) and their caters and assumption of the successful communication.

At the end of the work, it is emphesized, for the responsibillity of relevant dimensions for the process and effects of communicational feedbox. Between all this, it is particularly mentioned responsibility of the manager for characteristics of the process an, especially, for the results of communication - like feedback, as well as communication like while.


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