• Недељко Милаковић Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka


Banking, adaptable, deregulation, product, market.


The term “lean ban king” we derived from English. It came to be used in the middle of the last decade of the 20th century.

It signifies the business policy of banks that appeared in conditions of deregulation and tougher competition of “non-banks” in jobs that up to that time, were regarded as exclusively baning jobs.

Just like deregulation, the adaptability of business banks was imposed by the general destabilization of foreign currency rates and interest rates, as well as the securitization of financial markets, and it was made possible by the development of computer technology.

The business banks are adaptable when they permanently increase their competitive ability. In other words, when they permanently provide optimal financial results (proper profit on capital).

Lean banking needs certain internal and external preconditions. The first preconditions are its personnel and material ability, and the second preconditions are legal and general conditions provided by the state in which the banking functions.

Internal preconditions are the internal worry of each bank. As concerns banking law, in the Republic of Srpska and in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia their bases are well set (in the Republic of Srpska the confronting of two laws should by all means be overcome, in order to create a universal banking system). However, as concerns all other general preconditions that create a good economic, i.e. investment location, they still do not exist, neither in the Republic of Srpska, nor in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.




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