Macroeconomic (in)stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina – crisis: opportunities or limitations


  • Мирко Пуљић Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo



crisis, global processes, stability, macroeconomic system, knowledge, understanding, financial literacy


The answer to the question of whether global processes manifested in the form of financial crisis, are opportunities or limitations for the development of the national economy requires two basic assumptions: – Knowledge and understanding, and interpretation of the essence of global processes and – Knowledge of the structure, of human and material resources, national economy. The aforementioned assumptions can be met only under the condition of systematic and continuous monitoring and analysis of global processes and trends in the national economy. Knowledge in finance and related fields provides success in finding opportunities in crisis circumstances. Decision making authorities do not possess adequate financial literacy and knowledge and understanding to identify and implement opportunities. A crisis is an opportunity, it has been said a long time ago. It derives from the Greek word Krisis or Chinese Wei which indicate crisis and contain danger or limitation as well as chance and opportunity. The current macroeconomic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is deemed stable by a number of qualified officials. This paper challenges this conclusion by presenting six macro-economic segments - the growth of GDP, full employment, price stability, exchange rate stability, balanced balance of payments and balanced budget.


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