Logical insufficiencies of „stimulus – response” theory specialisation in solution of marketing problems


  • Перица Мацура Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka


analogy, specialization, system, stimulants, process, response, new knowledge.


Marketing is interdisciplinary science which uses other science’s and discipline’s knowledge when solving a problem, where is a possibility for logical mistake in analogy. We question application of analogy conclusion, that is correction of analogy in marketing. An object of analogy are the theory „Stimulus – Response” and the model of the „Black Box”. In logical analyze of correction of the „Stimulus – Response” theory application, a customer is seen as a system with its three components: input, process and output. Marketing has transferred its focus from stimulants (input) to „process”, s its roll is now directed towards activating of this component of the system, which was neglected due to application of the „Black Box” model.


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