The Internal Interpreneurship and Enterpreneurial Intelligence in TNC


  • Никола Вукмировић Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka
  • Гордана Ченић-Јотановић Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka


international corporative entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial risik, entrepreneurial intelligence, globalization, transnational companies, transition.


The globalization process of the world economy has created changes in terms of principles and standards of the international corporative interpreneurship. The beares of international corporative interpreneurship are mainly transnational companies with the highest dynamics of the internal growth i.e. growth based on innovations and business start-ups and the establishment of new business units within the corporation.

The interpreneurship intelligence serves as a means to identify creative enterpreneurial decisions, which is a way to either have a certain model of organizational transformations under control or to implement the enterpreneurial project in a new and different way.

Such models have been projected in order to integrate the information flows within the corporation, „to observe and evaluate” previously identified problematic areas in business dealing and provide solutions for the uncovered problems after the data have been filtered by the enterpreneurial team.

Such data support the decision process which is related to risky enterpreneurial projects in transnational companies that invest into the countries being in transition.

That is especialy related to the new enterpreneurial projects undertaken by the transnational companies in the countries of SE Europe, including B&H.


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