• Борис Тодоровић, M.Sc. Securities Commission of Republika Srpska


information technology, globalization, capital markets, XBRL, eTrading, transparency, electronic data interchange, data exchange standards, optimization of business processes, Web 2.0


Globalization as a process implies interconnection between several physically disjointed locations, or unification of several different markets into one global market. Capital markets first joined the globalization course, only by following the exponential development of information technologies and with the usage of all of its goods and advantages. We can call information technologies the infrastructure of globalization, because they enabled the publication (placement) of information, exchange, acceptance and detailed computer-based analysis in any given time in any part of the world. Today, Internet is the most available information technology, the only global communication network, which ensures quality and cost-effective information exchange. New technologies, which have appeared in the beginning of the 21st century, like Web 2.0 (new software development paradigm) and XBRL (new financial and business data exchange standard) are offering wide applications in information systems of institutional investors, other institutions on capital markets, regulatory agencies and stock exchanges. Using these modern technologies, companies can maximize their efficiency in data exchange and also ensure to deliver new added value to their customers – investors.


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