Financial reporting on investments in environmental protection


  • Ката Шкарић Јовановић Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade



environmental accounting, the normative basis of environmental protection, the Global Reporting Initiative, report on environment, environmental indicators, indicators of eco-efficiency


Corporate reporting focused on the financial performance of the reporting entity ceased to meet the changed and ever expanding needs of investors and other accounting public. E?orts being made to respond to these new requirements have led to the establishment and development of environmental accounting as a part of financial and management accounting. The basic premises of activities on protecting the environment are legal policies which impose obligations to eliminate and prevent the environmental damages. Companies considering their primary goal - increasing owners wealth, do not take these activities voluntarily or if they take them they do not do it sufficiently. Reporting on the activities calculated on the environment protection brings multiple benefits to society and businesses. Republic of Srpska has a solid legal framework for undertaking activities to protect the environment, while it has only taken a first step in fulfilling the obligations and financial reporting.


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