The Role of The Productive Coefficients in The Efficiency Measurement of The Rural Complex Input


  • Горан Поповић доцент Економског факултета Универзитета у Бањој Луци


efficiency, development, investments, rural complex, macroeconomic analyses


Development policy that is applied by the development countries on the rural regions is in expansion. An outline of the development of the neglected, uninhabited and the far-away territories of the EU, USA and the other developed countries has the forms of the multifunctional, harmonius, and the modern outlined developement policy. The experiences of the most developed countries are gradually transfered to the development countries, that in the integral rural development policy see the solution for the faster development of the largest part of their territories, but also the general economic progress. With the development of the theory and practise, the evaluation methods are improved as well as the quantification measures efficiency of the rural policy i.e. of the effects reached by the rural territories investment.

The calculation methods of the efficiency coefficients of the invested funds as well as the establishment of the efficiency level of the invested funds for the rural region or sector, are the available analitic frame for the efficiency evaluation deposit. With these methods, because of their simplicity and universality, we can compare the changes in the diferent sectors, regions but also in the countries. And yet, the most important function of these analyses refer to the observation of the economic structure transformation of a certain region as well as the success judgement of the implemented developing policies. Together with corresponding statistic base, the suggestion about the possibility of their efficient use in the macroeconomic rural complex analyses can been confirmed.


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