The concept of value at risk (VaR) and risk regulatory in Montenegro


  • Јулија Церовић Економски факултет, Универзитет Црне Горе



risk, value at Risk (VaR), risk measures, expected shortfall, risk regulatory, Central Bank of Montenegro


The concept of value at risk (Value at Risk - VaR) is a measure that is increasingly used for assessing the level of exposure of financial markets’ participants. The aim of this concept, which has begun to prevail in the world of risk management since 1994, is estimation of the maximum loss of financial position at a given time for a given probability. Many methods have been developed to quantify risk. There are a number of measures to quantify the risk, and the aim of this paper is to expose these measures, with special emphasis on VaR. Also, when measuring financial risk, characteristics of financial time series should be taken into account, and therefore are particularly prominent in the work. The second part of the paper explains how these risk measures are covered by the regulations in risk control. The task of this paper is to analyze the risk control in Montenegro, and the importance of standards in force in contribution to the improvement of risk control. The idea of this paper is motivated by the desire to approach quantifying and managing risk in Montenegro more seriously. In the future, within the framework of the measures of the Central Bank to strengthen the financial system, the situation in the banking system will be continuously monitored and analyzed, by taking timely corrective measures in risk management in banks, as well as the further implementation of internationally accepted standards and principles in this field.


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