The Influence of Treasury System on Financial Statements in the Public Sector


  • Бобана Чегар Економски факултет Универзитета у Бањој Луци



treasury, quality of financial reporting, public sector, financial statements, budget users


The organization of the treasury system is quite complex due to the fact that many functions performed within the treasury system. The execution of the one of these functions involves recording transactions relating to the collection and spending budget funds, which certainly will affect the financial statements of budget users. The subject of the paper is a consideration of the treasury system impact on the financial statements. Based on the data collected using the questionnaire technique and based on the methods of analysis, induction and deduction on the example of the Republic of Srpska, we came to the result that indicates the treasury system facilitate decision-making and in the same time increase the quality of financial reporting in the public sector, but if overcome technical deficiencies that currently exist, effects will be even greater. The first two parts of the paper provides an overview of the theoretical basis of financial reporting in the public sector and the treasury system, while the third section presents the methodology and the results obtained during research.


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