The Industrialization and Growth of Gross Domestic Product


  • Брано Маркић University of Mostar, Faculty of Economics
  • Сања Бијакшић University of Mostar, Faculty of Economics
  • Арнела Беванда University of Mostar, Faculty of Economics



Kaldor laws, economic growth, the production method of calculating GDP, growth models


The paper the industrialization and the growth of gross domestic product is a research and empirical verification of Nicholas Kaldor laws on the impact of industrial production to GDP growth. Kaldor has formulated the principles of economic growth in the form of three laws that tend to identify key causes of economic growth. His first law asserts that the rate of economic growth is positively correlated with the rate of growth of its manufacturing sector. Industry as the most important force of economic development is widely analyzed in the literature on economic development (Hirschman (1961), Rosenstein-Rodan (1943), Tirwall (2013), Cornwall (1977)). The aim is to empirically test the Kaldor’s approach to growth and development in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is therefore designed a special data set consisting of two-dimensional tables and time series. Using regression analysis was quantified the relationship between the growth rate of gross domestic product and the growth of industrial production.


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Маркић, Б., Бијакшић, С., & Беванда, А. (2015). The Industrialization and Growth of Gross Domestic Product. Acta Economica, 13(22), 151–166.



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