Model of good local self-management in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a factor of business ambiance


  • Гордана Дејановић Одјељење за општу управу, Општина Добој


local management, legal frame, principles and electronic register of administrative procedures


Management reforms are present in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a long time, but concerning their positive effects in the practice we have come to contradictory stands on how much reforms influenced certain changes and considerable movements for the better.

The goal od each democratic country is to have or to create modern system of local self-management. Therefore, Bosnia and Herzegovina must as soon as possible make maximal efforts to meet the conditions which will lead to such position by working on more successful development of community by establishing inner and exterior communication with maximal involvement of citizens into partnership. In that way, Bosna and Herzegovina would be given a chance the realize planned longterm vision of community where the role of local level authority is clearly established and defend as well as effective realization of rights, obligations and interests of citizens with the goal to provide the services on one place and to satisfaction of beneficiaries, (without unnecessary waste of time and money).

Such aspect of activity on local level represents authority which can come close to modern business systems which serve the public interest and satisfaction of local inhabitants` needs according to basic principles of „good management“, excluding any aspect of illegitimacy, politics, unprofessionalism ,corruption or any other aspect of negativity.

Therefore it is necessary to work on systematical promotion of good practice examples that are insufficiently used in great number of municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Such aspect of activity of local level authority is of significant influence on quality, effectiveness and service accessibility to citizens.


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