The process and problems in creation of a marketing plan


  • Перица Мацура, PhD Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka


marketing management, marketing plan, creation of marketing plan, problems, processes.


Creation of usable marketing plan is always an actual problem. Having in mind that marketing planning is a foundation for future directing of marketing activities of organization, primarily the process of marketing management was discussed and, within that, the position of marketing plan was pointed out. Different types of marketing planes were presented, which are used in marketing activities management. The main part of the paper is related to the process of marketing plan creation, pointing out its structure (by phases) and its complexity. A process is observed from different aspects, which allow evaluation of its dimensions, as well as manifestation of individual problems (informational, methodological, organizational, personnel and temporal character), that occur during its implementation. All these problems, together, make the integral problem of marketing plan creation. This problem has been identifed and observed in context of adequacy, i.e. justifcation, by which we wanted to point out the existence of possibilities for effectiveness and effciency improvement in the marketing management process. Adequately, under the improvement we did not see only the promotion of enterprise’s business, but also the effects it had to better satisfaction of customers’ needs and wishes.


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