The new regulation of rating agencies and its influence on financial markets


  • Горан Радивојац Економски факултет Универзитета у Бањој Луци


rating agencies, rating, credit rating, rating agencies regulations, eurozone crisis


The crisis in global financial markets, in the last year, has evolved into a crisis of the euro zone. In the countries of the European Union, especially in political discussions of “Euro-politicians” rating agencies are marked as the main culprit for the new situation . This paper discusses the historical development and the role of rating agencies, the rating elements and their business practices. Recognizing the fact that rating agencies now play a dominant role in directing capital flows at the global level, in the text that follows the author presents the current events in financial markets. The conclusions are a synthesis of theoretical views of different authors on the topic and the information available to the public whose interpretation the author presents based on his so far acquired knowledge and experience in this field.


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